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Company News

28 October 2003

In Aeroflot Board of Directors

On October 27, 2003, at Aeroflot Board of Directors meeting the following agenda of the special stockholders meeting of Aeroflot appointed on November 22, 2003 was confirmed:

  • To approve the agenda, voting procedures, structure of the working body of the special stockholders meeting.
  • Termination of the current Board of Directors authorities.
  • Elections of the new Board of Directors.
  • Termination of the current Auditing Commission authorities.
  • Elections of the new Auditing Commission.

There were confirmed the following candidates for the Board of Directors proposed by stockholders and their plenipotentiaries:

    Antonov Vladimir Nikolaevich – First Deputy Director General, Production;
    Braverman Alexander Arnoldovich - Secretary of State - First Deputy Property Minister of the Russian Federation;
    Butrin Mikhail Robertovich – AKB National Reserve Bank Vice President
    Vyazalov Sergei Yuryevich - the First Deputy Minister of Finance of the Russian Federation;
    Goryachev Vladimir Sergeevich - RF Transportation Ministry Department Chief;
    Danilitsky Anatoly Antonovich - the First Deputy Chairman of AKB National Reserve Bank Board;
    Dushatin Leonid Alekseevich - Deputy Chairman of AKB National Reserve Bank Board;
    Zurabov Aleksandr Yuryevich – The Board of Directors’ Former Chairman – Aeroflot President;
    Isaev Yury Olegovich – Deputy Minister of Economic Development and Trade of Russian Federation;
    Kornilov Georgy Viktorovich – Russia’s FSB Department Deputy Chief;
    Lebedev Aleksandr Yevgenyevich – President – Chairman of AKB National Reserve Bank Board;
    Moshkov Gennady Yuryevich - Deputy Transportation Minister of the Russian Federation;
    Neradko Aleksandr Vasilyevich - the First Deputy Transportation Minister of the Russian Federation;
    Okulov Valery Mikhailovich - Aeroflot Director General;
    Finger Gregory Moiseevich - NCH Advisors Inc. Moscow Department Executive Officer;
    Shaposhnikov Yevgeny Ivanovich - President's Advisor.

11 of 16 candidates who will get majority voices at the next stockholders meeting are to be elected to Aeroflot Board of Directors.

Board of Directors approved 8 candidates for the Auditing Commission that is to consist of 5 members. These candidates are

    Bogacheva Irina Leonidovna – the Head of Property Ministry of the Russian Federation Department;
    Galkin Dmitry Yuryevich - Aeroflot Internal Auditing Department Head;
    Dunaikina Zinaida Nikolaevna - Aviation and Corporate Security Department, News and Analytics Office Head;
    Zakharov Vadim Anatolyevich - RF Transportation Ministry Department Deputy Chief;
    Tarasov Alexei Yevgenyevich – Legal Advisor of the Chairman of AKB National Reserve Bank Board;
    Tyukalov Valery Leonidovich - AKB National Reserve Bank Vice President;
    Khvostunkov Andei Nikolaevich – the Head of the Department of Federal Energy Commission of Russia;
    Cheremnykh Yury Mikhailovich - Aeroflot Aircraft Center Deputy Director.

Voting papers will be sent to stockholders on November 1, 2003 at the latest. The filled and signed voting papers will be accepted till November 19, 2003.

Participants of the special stockholders meeting will be registered at Sheremetyevo-1, bldg 6, Room 107, Moscow, Aircraft Personnel Training Center.

On November 20, 2003, - from 10.00 till 18.00, on November 21, 2003, - from 10.00 till 16.00, on November 22, 2003, - from 9.00 until the last issue of the agenda is discussed.

The Board of Directors considered the issue “On air carriages sales efficiency”.

Members of the Company Board of Directors had a consensus on the point that introduction of BSP system of air tickets selling on the territory of the Russian Federation would increase air carriages sales efficiency.

In this situation Aeroflot Board of Directors decided to appeal to SCAA Administration for IATA BSP system introduction by Aeroflot in Russia.

Regulations on three compulsory committees of the Board of Directors were approved at the meeting:

    - the Committee on Strategy (Neradko A. V.);
    - the Auditing Committee (Finger G. M.);
    - the Committee on Human Resources and Bonuses (Shaposhnikov Y. I.),

and also working plans of these Committees for the period till May 2004. In November 2004 the Board of Directors’ Committee on Strategy will consider the following important issues:

    - on freight air carriages and air fleet development;
    - on realization of the Strategic Conception of Aeroflot Airline Company Development;
    - on Aeroflot capitalization increase measures.

The Board of Directors approved the appointment of the Deputy Director General Sergei Kiryushin as Aeroflot Information Technologies and Communications Department Head.