Panoramic View of Stockholm. Buy plane tickets to Sweden
Stockholm Palace. Buy plane tickets to Sweden
Liseberg Amusement Park. Buy plane tickets to Sweden
Vattern Lake. Buy plane tickets to Sweden
Fermented Herring. Buy plane tickets to Sweden
Panoramic View of Stockholm
Stockholm Palace
Liseberg Amusement Park
Vattern Lake
Fermented Herring
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Sweden is one of the world’s northernmost countries, but its climate is mild. The reason is the Gulf Stream, a warm ocean current. The winters aren’t that cold: temperatures fall below −20°C only in the north, while in Stockholm they’re around zero. Summers are relatively cool, with an average temperature of +21°C. The weather is stable, without rapid changes, wind or rain, so it’s probably best to choose the summer months for a visit.

Sweden is one of the most expensive countries in Europe, but your trip is guaranteed to be magnificent. It features spectacular nature, old castles, ski resorts, various museums, exhibitions, fairs and festivals that fit every taste. You’ll certainly want to come back in order to get to know more about the European North.

Aeroflot operates direct flights from Moscow (about 2 hours). They arrive at Stockholm Arlanda Airport, which is located 42 km from the centre of the Swedish capital.

Round-trip tickets to Sweden are the most cost-effective option. Please note that the cheapest deal sell out quickly, so we recommend booking in advance.