Winter in Minsk. Buy plane tickets to Belarus
Bison in Bialowieza Forest. Buy plane tickets to Belarus
Mir Castle Complex. Buy plane tickets to Belarus
Gomel Palace. Buy plane tickets to Belarus
Belarusian Soup Khaladnik. Buy plane tickets to Belarus
Winter in Minsk
Bison in Bialowieza Forest
Mir Castle
Gomel Palace
Belarusian Soup Khaladnik
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People generally fall in love with Belarus for the peaceful beauty of its forests, lakes and rivers. However, it also has a long history inextricably linked to that of Russia; other reasons to visit are its many monuments, wide Soviet Boulevards, narrow European streets, ancient castles, cathedrals and of course its famous “draniki” (potato pancakes).. 

The climate is similar to Central Russia’s: temperate continental with gentle winds and temperatures as low as -10C in the winter and up to +20 C in the summer. Travelling to Belarus is pleasant in any season; during the summer months, you can admire the beauty of its nature, relax at resorts and see castles and cathedrals. In the winter, there is always a reason to visit a local Ded Moroz (Santa Claus).

The most convenient way to get to Belarus is to fly to its major city and capital, Minsk. Aeroflot operates direct 90-minute flights to Minsk National Airport, located just 20 kilometres from the centre of the city.To save money, look for round-trip tickets, and be sure to book your tickets in advance; the best airfare usually sell out quickly.