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Information about rights of air passengers in case of flight delay or flight cancellation

Aeroflot aims to inform its passengers who are affected by delays or cancellations of flights as soon as possible and to assist its customers locally. Based on the applicable General Conditions of Carriage, effective as of 21 October, 2007, Aeroflot offers the following compensation:

  1. In case of flight irregularities (delay/cancellation), aircraft replacement or other unexpected circumstances, passengers are eligible for either a single free of charge phone call or fax transmission.
  2. In the event of delays of more than four hours, passengers (independent of the flight class and «OK Status» of their ticket«) are eligible for meals and drinks corresponding to the waiting time and the time of day (either breakfast, lunch or dinner).
  3. Drinks will be offered for delays of two hours or more.
  4. If the delay is six hours or more during the night, or eight hours or more during the day, Aeroflot provides checked-in passengers (or with «OK Status») with hotel accommodation plus catering services and transfer to and from the hotel.