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Пустой местозаполнитель не отображается в "Активном" режиме

Greetings from Vitaly Saveliev, General Director of PJSC "Aeroflot – Russian Airlines"

Генеральный директор ПАО Аэрофлот Виталий Савельев

Dear passenger!

May I offer you my warmest wishes for the coming festive season.

December is a month when we bid farewell to the past and look to the future. 2016 is coming to an end and each one of us settles down to look back at the passing year. Our airline finishes this year on a positive note. It has not always been an easy year, but Aeroflot has once again affirmed its capacity to be the best and to achieve high results in all circumstances.

This year we have set a new passenger traffic record. According to our estimates, Aeroflot together with its subsidiaries will have carried 43.5 million passengers by the end of 2016, an 11% increase from 2015. During the current winter season Aeroflot Group will operate flights to a total of 216 unique destinations in 51 countries.

Aeroflot this year received Four Star Airline status from Skytrax, the world’s leading aviation rating agency. As of today, Aeroflot is the only Russian airline to achieve this status, and has joined the global elite of the aviation world. Moreover, Aeroflot was for the fifth time recognised as Best Airline in Eastern Europe at the World Airline Awards.

As of the end of 2016, Aeroflot operates the youngest fleet of any major global airline, with an average aircraft age of just over four years. We are also leading the “digital take-off” of Russian civil aviation. As of today, our business processes are fully automated, which has significantly helped us to increase our operating efficiency.

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In the December issue of Aeroflot magazine we will tell our readers about the most interesting sporting and cultural events of the upcoming month, as well as new books and films. The Bolshoi Theater prima ballerina Maria Alexandrova will reveal what draws her to drama theater; producer and director of the new sci-fi drama, “Attraction”, Fedor Bondarchuk, will explain why this film has become so important for him; director of the Jewish Museum and Tolerance Center, Alexander Boroda, will invite everybody to see Russia's most high-tech exposition; and writer Boris Minaev will share his family history, on which he based his new novel.

The Travel section will help you plan a thrilling voyage across Vietnam, as well as an active vacation at the skiing resorts of Krasnaya Polyana and the French Alps. Admirers of pristine nature will discover lake Baikal in winter, and those who prefer to spend their winter vacation in Paris will make good use of our guide to shopping in the capital of fashion and beauty. Naturally, many travelers will be going on vacation with children, so we’ve put together a list of top toy museums that offer a magical experience for the whole family.

Enjoying a good drink and a snack may not be the least trivial plan before and during the long holidays. But creative dishes with alcohol designed by Moscow chefs will definitely surprise you with their unusual taste and beautiful presentation.

Each of the thirty-two masters of modern prose who have contributed to the “Moscow: Meeting Point” collection of essays has a unique view of the city; the one thing they all have in common is their love for Russia’s capital. In the Reading section enjoy essays by Denis Dragunsky, Rolan Bykov, and Andrey Makarevich.

Aeroflot - December 2016 ( PDF fie) 

Aeroflot Premium

Aeroflot Premium

Talking simply about serious things is a rare talent, one that the talented director Eldar Ryazanov and the exceptional composer Mikael Tariverdiev had. In the pre-New Year Aeroflot Premium we decided to follow in their footsteps and create festive mood with minimal visual resources. First of all, using the screenshots from the main Russian New Year film Irony of Fate — it became the starting point for the traditional Presents section. Second of all, remembering the melodies of the last romantic of grand music, Mikael Tariverdiev, whose life and fate are the subject of the Success Story section. 

Modern heroes of the December issue are also familiar with the art of simplicity. Maksim Kashirin, head of Simple company, told us about national tastes and market prospects, while regional director of the charity Children's Villages — SOS Nikolai Slabzhanin talked about the little residents of Children's Villages.

As usual, the magazine's pages present a selection of important and anticipated events of the month, fashion news, restaurant and hotel reviews, relevant gadgets, watches, cars and unique items created by masters for connoisseurs. 

Fans of slow reading on long-haul flights can enjoy the following articles and special features in December: Science – three questions about robots; Best of the Best — France's Alpine chic; Travel — Vladivostok: warm wind and foreign languages; Reading — Happines and Other Small Things of Absolute Importance.

English speaking readers of Aeroflot Premium can read translations of editorial columns and articles.

Aeroflot Premium - December 2016 (PDF file) 

Aeroflot Style

This festive December issue of Aeroflot Style is full of glitter and music. Glitter — because this month the catwalk is aglitter with silver fabrics, outfits embroidered with sequins, and sparkling accessories. And music because Christmas melodies can already be heard on each corner, because we have dedicated this month’s Gifts section to music-lovers, and because our Christmas photo shoot is about the disco age.

I recommend you take your time reading this month’s Jewellery section: our article on jewellery made from white gold, selection of new watches, choice of fantasy cocktail rings, and historical feature on the emerald cannot fail to arouse your interest.

This issue’s main personalities are the brilliant Amy Adams, the highly promising Felicity Jones, and Irina Shayk and Lily Aldridge, two young women with striking looks.

And finally, “for dessert”, we offer you a detailed illustrated guide to the best new hotels of 2016 — hotels which we shall simply have to study in 2017!

Aeroflot Style - December 2016 (PDF file)