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St. Petersburg - Kaliningrad

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Timetable for September 25 2009 thru March 27 2010.

Departure Arrival Flight No. Days of Week Airplane Flight Duration
St. Petersburg 18:50 Kaliningrad 19:30 SU708 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 A-319 1:40
Kaliningrad 09:25 St. Petersburg 12:05 SU707 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 A-319 1:40

Attention! Time and Dates are local time for departure and arrival points.

Airbus A 319

The flights will be performed on the modern А319 airliners. Please study the seating scheme.

About City:

Kaliningrad - was founded almost 755 years ago on the bank of the Pregolya river as the knight’s castle Кoenigsberg, later the capital of Eastern Prussia. Over its long history, the city many a time was given up by Prussia to Russia and back. Up to the very end of its existence (1945), Koenigsberg was considered a double castle on the two banks of the river. Since its erection in 1255, the city had been constantly building up its fortifications, regularly renovating it in accordance with the latest trends in the war and engineering craft. Today, the city remains include: the Lithuanian Wall, several of the city gates, the ‘Wrangel’ and ‘Dona’ towers, a fragment of the city wall near the South Railway Station building, and several forts. The fortification system played a significant role in the city’s occupancy during the Great Patriotic War.

Up until now, Kaliningrad combines the features characteristic of a modern Russian city and a European city. The German and Russian histories have entwined into a single threat of time, and generated new forms. The city has preserved many buildings and many architectural styles and genres which are now forgotten and thus especially interesting.

Kaliningrad - is the greenest Baltic city: there are 100 square meters of vegetation per citizen. The city is particularly rich in trees: hornbeam, linden, red maple, sycamore, beech and hazel, and even the very old ginkgo tree, which can be seen at the zoo entrance. The Kaliningrad Zoo has a history and location which are no less ancient – it is situated on the territory of the old Koenigsberg Zoo founded in 1896 by the German entrepreneur Herman Klaass. The center of the natural resort has the city’s biggest and most beautiful fountain that was restored for the Zoo’s 100th anniversary. The fountain streams reach 18 meters in height.

The territory of 16.5 hectares is home to many species feeling in their element among the exotic trees and bushes, growing in the park whose greatest pride is the ginkgo biloba – a contemporary of dinosaurs. The spirit of the old Koenigsberg lives here - thanks to the last century’s old buildings, among which are the homes of many of the local inhabitants - the facilities for bears, lions, eagles, pools for the pinnipeds. The Zoo’s collection consists of at least 3,000 heads of 300 animal species, over 50 of which are enlisted in the IUCN Red List.

We invite you to visit this unique and hospitable Baltic city and health resort. Now, Aeroflot regularly flies to Kaliningrad not only from Moscow but also from Russia’s Northern Capital.

For more information, please call:

in Moscow (495) 223-55-55

from regions of Russia 8-800-333-55-55

from mobile phones 0933 (charged call)