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A fairytale trip to Scandinavia

"A fairytale trip to Scandinavia": Special Offer Terms

A Special Offer for Aeroflot business class tickets from Russia to Oslo, Helsinki, Copenhagen and Stockholm is announced:

  • If you buy two adult business class tickets, one or two children 2 to 16 years old travel for free;
  • The ticket sale is from July 15 until September 15, 2010; the journey period is from July 23 until October 15, 2010;
  • Taxes and charges are not included and have to be paid separately;
  • The number of seats under this Special Offer is limited;
  • The tickets under this Special Offer can be purchased in RF territory at Aeroflot own sales offices and from Aeroflot agents;
  • For booking and details of the Special Offer terms, please call Aeroflot information service: in Moscow +7(495)223-55-55, in other towns of Russia 8-800-333-55-55, and via mobile phone 0933 (50 RUB per minute, VAT not included).

Special offer terms:

  • Tickets at these fares can be purchased in RF territory at Aeroflot own sales offices and from Aeroflot agents;
  • The special offer is valid both for direct journeys from Moscow to Oslo, Helsinki, Copenhagen and Stockholm, and for transit journeys from Russia cities to Scandinavian cities via Sheremetyevo airport;
  • The Special offer does not cover the following flights:
    • SU 401-500;
    • SU 601-700;
    • SU1401-1700.
  • The Special Offer also covers the flights in the range SU2051-2100 operated by Nordavia and Donavia associated;
  • The fares are valid for two-way flights on the same dates and on the same itinerary. It is allowed to combine arrival and return departure points;
  • The maximum stay at destination city is one month and the minimum stay is until the next Sunday, meaning that a passenger may not return to the original journey location before the first Sunday after departure to the destination city;
  • Tickets will be booked starting July 15, 2010, 09:00 Moscow time. Tickets shall be issued within 24 hours after booking;
  • The itinerary may not be changed for tickets purchased at this fare.


Refund of Tickets

Refunds are allowed without a penalty if applied for within more than 24 hours before the flight, otherwise a penalty of 25% is charged;

In addition, a penalty set by the carrier for the refund operation is charged;

Changing the departure and return dates before the original departure/return dates (to any dates within the allowed journey start/end dates) is subject to a penalty of 200 EUR per each segment of each adult passenger’s ticket, and free of penalty for children’s tickets.

  • A ticket may not be changed to a higher fare;
  • No extra discounts are allowed for this fare.