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On behalf of World War II veterans

Aeroflot commemorates the 65 anniversary of the end of World War II with its traditional action for veterans. The action will take place between May 03 — 27, 2010.

For already 10 years now Aeroflot enables many soldiers and affected persons of the second World War free scheduled flights inside Russia, from Russian cities to Europe (Austria, Bulgaria, Hungary, Germany, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Croatia, and the Czech Republic), as well as from the CIS/Baltic: Azerbaijan, Armenia, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Uzbekistan, Ukraine to the Russian Federation . Notice: This action does not apply to Codeshare flights (except Nordavia and Donavia flights).

We invite:

  • all affected persons to fly with Aeroflot who have their principal residence in the Russian Federation (RF), the CIS or the Baltic states (countries of the former USSR) or are citizens of these countries.
  • Persons who fall under the category veterans and affected persons of World War II are listed by Russian Federation law on military veterans of January, 1st 1995m No.5.

Travelling time in context of the action for veterans is May 03 — 27, 2010.

Reservation and Booking should be made April 15 — May 27, 2010.

The tickets are valid for 1 month according to the action’s terms and conditions.

Terms and Conditions for travelling of Veterans.

All affected persons are eligible for one free Economy class ticket. Charges and fees will have to be paid for (excluding fuel surcharge). The flight may be either one-way or round trip inside Russia as well as transit via Moscow on the following routes:

     a) RF — Moscow, Moscow — RF
     b) RF — Moscow — RF, Moscow — RF — Moscow;
     c) RF — Moscow — RF — Moscow — RF;
     d) Moscow — Europe — Moscow;
     e) RF — Moscow — Europe — Moscow — RF;
     f) Moscow — Europe 1 (first city) — Europe 2 (second city) — Moscow;
     g) RF — Moscow — Europe 1 — Europe 2 — Moscow — RF;
     h) CIS/Baltic states — Moscow — CIS/Baltic states;
     i) Moscow — CIS/Baltic states — Moscow;
     j) CIS/Baltic states — Moscow — RF — Moscow — CIS/Baltic states;
     k) CIS/Baltic states — Moscow — CIS/Baltic states — Moscow — CIS/Baltic states;
     l) CIS/Baltic states — Moscow — Europe — Moscow — CIS/Baltic states.

Recipients of the star „Hero of the Soviet Union“ and of the “Order of Glory” may fly Business class (only on routes a, b, c listed above).

The issuance of the free ticket can only take place under the conditions of presenting a valid passport and the original certificate of veteran status (according to ratification from the Russian government of 5th October 1999, No. 1122) or other equivalent original certificates (according to the law on military veterans or the presidential edict No. 1235 of 16th October 1992).

The tickets will be issued at Aeroflot offices in:

  • Moscow (Koroviy Val, bld.7, Pyatnitskaya, bld. 37/19, Eniseyskaya, bld.19)
  • Offices in Russia, CIS, Baltic states and Europe

These documents have to be presented at check-in: Ticket, valid passport, certificate of veteran status and certificate of order/medal.

General terms for accompanying persons.

Veterans and affected persons of World War II may be accompanied by one person in context of the action for veterans (referred to as accompanying person). The accompanying person may only travel on the same flight at the same time.

The accompanying person of an affected person (physical disabilities of 1st and 2nd order), has to be a citizen of RF, CIS or the Baltic states and is eligible for 25% discount on Economy class fare (except special offers).

Further accompanying persons are eligible for 10% discount.

The issuance of tickets for accompanying persons is only feasible at the same outlet after the ticket for the veteran or affected person has been booked firmly. The accompanying person must be present at check-in.