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Larnaca, Cyprus


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WINTER 2010-2011 schedule

Departure Arrival Flight Days of the week
Moscow 09:45
Larnaca 13:25
SU 237
SU 497
Larnaca 14:30
Moscow 18:10
SU 238
SU 498


>Please note that all departure and arrival times are local.


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Flights will be served by a fleet of spacious and comfortable A319 and A321 airliners. Please familiarize yourself with the seating plan.

Airbus A319

Airbus A321

Additional information about Larnaca:

Larnaca is a resort in Cyprus, conveniently located at the South beach of the island.

Larnaca has been known under its current name since approximately 1600. However, its history dates back to pre-Christian times. It is known that Kition harbour, a prosperous trade centre and a Phoenician stronghold, was located here. Saint Lazarus, who became the island’s first bishop, considered Larnaca to be his second homeland. The Saint Lazarus Church was built in the centre of the city to commemorate him. A fortress was built in the 17th century on the quay to withstand Ottoman invasions. Today it is a museum of the Middle Ages, in which the majority of items were brought from Kition and Sultan Tekke, one of the most revered mosques in the Islamic world./p>

Be sure to visit Big Salt Lake, located 5 km from Larnaca. You can visit the picturesque villages – Lefkara, famous for its lace, or Kornos, where the ancient secrets of pottery craftwork have been preserved.

Makenzie, the most famous of Larnaca's beaches, is very convenient for a family vacation: clean, white sand and shallow water near the shore make it safe for children.

The city's "trademark" is certainly the famous Larnaca Palm Tree Promenade, officially called Leoforos Athinon; it is bounded by a yacht pier called Marina in the north and by Larnaca Fortress in the south. A few blocks to the west of the palm promenade, where the majority of Larnaca's shops and historical and cultural places are located, it also hosts to numerous restaurants and outdoor cafes, where you can enjoy the seascape over lunch or a glass of wine, and watch the passers-by.