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Пустой местозаполнитель не отображается в "Активном" режиме

If you plan to take your pet with you when you travel, please let us know when you book your ticket. Alternatively, you can call us on +7 (495) 223-5555 or on 8 (800) 444-55-55 (toll-free in Russia) up to 36 hours prior to your scheduled departure time.
Only adult passengers can travel with an animal.

We accept domestic pets, such as cats, dogs and birds. Other animals, such as polecats, ferrets, meerkats, fennec foxes, lorises, hedgehogs, rabbits, marmosets, etc. will be accepted for carriage if they are indoor pets. Aggressive or fighting dog breeds must be carried only in the baggage hold.


The following animals will not be accepted as a baggage (in passenger cabin or baggage compartment):

  • brachycephalic dog breeds (with a flat and wide skull shape and a flattened snout): Bulldogs (English, French, American), Pugs, Pekinese, Shih Tzus, Boxers, Griffins (Belgian, Brussels), Boston Terriers, Bordeaux Mastiffs, and Japanese Chin dogs; 
  • rodents (guinea pigs, rats, chinchillas, chipmunks, squirrels, gerbils, dormice, marmots, ground squirrels, jerboas, etc.); 
  • reptiles (turtles, iguanas, geckos, chameleons, snakes, lizards, frogs, etc.);
  • arthropods; 
  • fish and fish seed, as well as other marine and river animals that require transportation in water; 
  • animals and birds that are not domesticated; 
  • sick and experimental animals.  

If you wish to transport animals other than in luggage, please contact an IATA regulated air cargo agent.
Animals/birds may be carried in the cabin with passengers if their weight together with their cage/container does not exceed 8 kg.
Otherwise, they must be transported in the baggage compartment.

Weight limits for animals in the passenger cabin do not apply to guide dogs accompanying visually impaired passengers or dogs in the canine service of Russian government agencies.

If your pet and its container weigh more than 32 kg (but less than 50 kg), find out whether it can be carried as checked baggage when you book your ticket or by phone on +7-495-223-55-55 or on 8 (800) 444-55-55 (toll-free in Russia). If your pet and its container weigh more than 50 kg, please contact an IATA regulated air cargo agent.

We advise you to:

  • arrive at the airport no later than three hours before departure to have your pet inspected by the veterinary service and checked-in on your flight;
  • ensure that your pet is inspected when you arrive at your destination airport and obtain a document confirming the inspection.

The Veterinary Office at Sheremetyevo Airport is located on the second floor of Terminal E, in front of Ticket Sales. Hours: 24/7. Contact numbers: +7 (495) 578-96-52, +7 (905) 590-51-09


Your local vet can advise you how to prepare a pet for flight. Don’t forget to bring a veterinary first-aid kit with you on the flight.

The pet must be clean, odourless and be accustomed to the container or cage.

Your pet should be quiet and well-behaved. If it becomes restless or threatening and poses a threat to other people’s health and safety, or if it causes difficulties in the provision of services to passengers - the animal will not be accepted for carriage.


Pets carried in the passenger cabin


Pets carried in the baggage compartment








Payment for carriage of animals






Documents required for pets



Additional information

Passengers are fully responsible for their animal during travel and for providing permits and certificates that comply with statutory rules.

The airline is not responsible for bodily injury, loss, delay, sickness or death of animals if they are refused entry or passage through any country or territory except in cases where this has been caused by the wilful misconduct or gross negligence of the airline.

Caring for pets is not a duty of airline staff.

Specialists at our Contact Centre will be pleased to answer any other questions you may have:

+7 (495) 223-5555 Moscow (24 часа)
8-800-444-5555 Russia (toll-free number).