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Beginning 2009, the flights operated by Aeroflot and the company’s partners are being transferred to Sheremetyevo’s new Terminal D located next to Terminal F (Sheremetyevo-2).

To meet the needs of its passengers, Aeroflot is increasing its fleet and has built its own new hub in Moscow.  With annual capacity of 12 million passengers, it is designed to serve Aeroflot’s flights as well as those of its SkyTeam partners. 

The original architectural solution of the Terminal D project has already won the Russian independent award in the sphere of architecture and development «ARX Awards» in the «Best Transport Infrastructure Object» nomination.

Dear Business Class passengers flying on international flights from Terminal D!

For your convenience up to two booths have been allocated in the Arrival and Departure passport control zones each. The zones have signboards and Tensator queue management systems.

The new service will help passengers to significantly decrease time spent in passport control. The new service is user friendly; the airline staff meets Business Class passengers in front of the customs zone, checks their boarding passes and shows them to the specially allocated passport control booths.

The introduction of the new passport control booths is another step towards attaining the main objectives of the company that is providing quality on-ground service comparable with international standards.

For passengers’ convenience, it offers 143 check-In counters, including 24 self-check-in kiosks (CUSS-kiosks) and 30 counters for transit passengers and oversized baggage. To speed-up the baggage handling process and improve security, the new terminal will use the Radio Frequency Identification system for baggage recognition, which will reduce the average time of baggage hadling by 90%.
Passengers will be able to use the 6 enhanced-comfort lounges, 5 children’s rooms, 25 shops, 18 catering establishments working around the clock, and many other services.

Aeroflot and SkyTeam are assigned 3 business exclusive business halls «Klassika»«Jazz» and «Blues»  in the international and domestic departure zones equipped with comfortable rest areas, shower cabins and other conveniences.

Attention passengers of Aeroflot flights departing from Terminal D!

When in Terminal D, double-check that your flight is on the Departures Board. If your flight is not there, please refer to the information desk. If your flight is served by other Sheremetyevo terminal, you will be invited to exit 6 wherefrom you can reach any terminal by shuttle that leaves every 10 minutes.

If by any reason you are late for your flight, your ticket should be changed, so that you can depart by the next flight.

Getting to Terminal D

Terminal D map

New Terminal D has been serving flights since 15 November 2009.

Level 1 — Arrival

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Level 3 — Departure

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SU191/192, SU193/194, SU195/196 Yerevan (EVN) 15.11.10 (monday)
SU321/322 Los Angeles (LAX) 15.11.10 monday)
SU315/316 New York(JFK) 15.11.10 monday)
SU215/216 Copenhagen (CPH) 16.11.10 (tuesday)
SU219/220 Stockholm (ARN) 16.11.10 (tuesday)
SU317/318 Washington (IAD) 18.11.10 (thursday)

From Terminal F to Terminal D (Aeroflot)

Flight number Destination Transfer date
SU533/534 Delhi (DEL) 20.01.11 (thursday)
SU599/600 Seoul (ICN) 20.01.11 (thursday)
SU535/536 Delhi (DEL) 24.01.11 (monday)
SU141/142, SU143/144, SU149/150 Prague (PRG) 24.01.11 (monday)
SU139/140 Karlovy Vary (KLV) 26.01.11 (Wednesday)
SU203/204 Helsinki (HEL) 08.11.10 (monday)
SU183/184, SU185/186 Kiev (KBP) 27.01.11 (thursday)
SU527/528 Shanghai (PVG) 27.01.11 (thursday)
SU571/572, SU573/574 Beijing (PEK) 27.01.11 (thursday)
SU101/102, SU201/202 Warsaw (WAW) 30.01.11 (Sunday)
SU529/530 Shanghai (PVG) 31.01.11 (monday)
SU131/132 Budapest (BUD) 31.01.11 (monday)
From Terminal F to Terminal D
DL030/031 New York (JFK) 19.01.11 (Wednesday)
DL046/047 Atlanta (ATL) 20.01.11 (thursday)
AZ560/561 Milan (MXP) 08.12.10 (wednesday)
AZ548/549 Rome (FCO) 07.12.10 (tuesday)
AZ596/595 Rome (FCO) 08.12.10 (wednesday)
AZ562/563 Turin (TRN) 08.12.10 (wednesday)
OM135 Tegel (TXL) 23.01.11 (Sunday)
OM136 Ulaanbaatar (ULN) 23.01.11 (Sunday)
OK892/893, OK894/895, OK904/905,OK896/903 Prague (PRG) 24.01.11 (monday)
AY153/154 Helsinki (HEL) 24.01.11 (monday)
OK909/908 Karlovy Vary (KLV) 25.01.11 (tuesday)
CA909/910 Beijing (PEK) 27.01.11 (thursday)
CY486/487 Larnaca (LCA) 27.01.11 (thursday)
AY155/156 Helsinki (HEL) 28.01.11 (friday)
KE923/924 Seoul (ICN) 28.01.11 (friday)
FB363/364 Sofia (SOF) 28.01.11 (friday)
FB663/664 Бургас (BOJ) 28.01.11 (friday)
LO677/678, LO675/676 Warsaw (WAW) 30.01.11 (Sunday)
MA100/101 Budapest (BUD) 31.01.11 (monday)
JP922/923 Любляна (LJU) 31.01.11 (monday)
JP914/915 Любляна (LJU) 01.02.11 (tuesday)
CZ6001/6002 Урумчи (URC) 01.02.11 (tuesday)
MA102/103 Budapest (BUD) 02.02.11 (Wednesday)


International flights of PJSC Aeroflot Russian Airlines operated from/to Terminal E:

From Terminal-D to Terminal-E

Flight number Destination Transfer date
SU519/520, SU521/522 Dubai (DXB) 10.11.10 (Wednesday)
SU287/288 Barcelona (BCN) 11.11.10 (thursday)
SU235/236 Brussels (BRU) 11.11.10 (thursday)
SU231/232 Brussels (BRU) 12.11.10 (friday)
SU523/524 Dubai (DXB) 12.11.10 (friday)
SU295/296 Athens (ATH) 13.11.10 (Saturday)
SU165/166 Zagreb (ZAG) 15.11.10 (monday)
SU145/146, SU147/148 Baku (GYD) 16.11.10 (tuesday)
SU291/292 Malaga (AGP) 17.11.10 (Wednesday)
SU299/300 Madrid (MAD) 18.11.10 (thursday)

From Terminal-F to Terminal-E

Flight number Destination Transfer date
SU261/262, SU263/264 Vienna (VIE) 20.11.10 (Saturday)
SU151/152 Bucharest (OTP) 21.11.10 (Sunday)
SU227/228, SU229/230 Amsterdam (AMS) 22.11.10 (monday)
SU553/554 Bangkok (BKK) 24.11.10 (Wednesday)
SU515/516 Tehran (THR) 25.11.10 (thursday)
SU551/552 Bangkok (BKK) 27.12.10 (monday)


International flights of PJSC Aeroflot Russian Airlines operated from Terminal-F:

Destination Flight number
Antalya (AYT) SU221/222
Hurghada (HRG) SU351/352
Sharm El-Sheikh (SSH) SU361/362,SU365/366
Bishkek (FRU) SU179/180,SU181/182
Nice (NCE) SU273/274
Tashkent (TAS) SU163/164
Damascus (DAM) SU517/518
Belgrad (BEG) SU161/162
Beirut (BEY) SU509/510
Sofia (SOF) SU171/172
Hong Kong (HKG) SU593/594, SU595/596

From Terminal-D to Terminal-F

Flight number Destination Transfer date
SU341/342 Cairo (CAI) 28.01.11 (friday)
SU271/272 Geneva (GVA) 29.01.11 (Saturday)
SU265/266 Zurich (ZRH) 31.01.11 (monday)

Please pay attention that changes may occur in the schedule of flight transfers. For more information contact our call center:

Contact Center (495) 223-55-55,