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On-line Booking Conditions

You can book a flight and purchase it using a credit/debit card or pay directly at an Aeroflot ticket office. It is possible to book and purchase the e-ticket 6 hours prior to a flight departure.

Incorrect personal and contact information can cause booking denial.

By rules of international payment systems, airlines reserve rights to contact passengers for more information on booking, and also to suspend booking in case of non-payment.

The booking procedure is very simple and will take about 5-10minutes to complete the following steps:

Guide to online booking and having tickets issued ( pdf 2.33 Mb)

Search for a flight/price

Select a destination, departure and arrival date, number of passengers, service class and click the «Find flights» button. On the next page you will be offered a selection of the cheapest flights within 3 days either side of your chosen dates. Select a date and go to the next page to view the prices and flight numbers currently available. After selecting a flight and price, click the «Next» button to view a page containing complete information about the route and price, with rates and taxes. If you agree with the route and price offered, press the «Continue» button. Enter your login and password (for Aeroflot-Bonus members) or continue as a «guest» to the next page.

Book a flight

Enter the passenger information (mandatory fields are marked with a *) on the next page. Name and passport ID must be the same as in the passport to be used for the flight. You can also choose your preferred meal and seats. A seating plan will be shown on the confirmation page.

Purchase a flight

Next you will be forwarded to the «Payment Information» page, where you need to choose a form of payment — payment at Aeroflot offices, online payment with a credit card or payment by Yandex.Money. The logos of the cards that we accept are shown on the page. On this page you can also find how to pay by Yandex.Money.

If you want to pay for your ticket at an Aeroflot office, you need to select «Pay at agency» and then «Any Aeroflot Ticket Office» in the «Form of Payment» section. If you want to pay online, please select «Pay with credit or debit card» in the «Form of Payment» section. If you prefer to pay by Yandex.Money, please select «Yandex.Money» in the «Form of Payment» section.

Please check the box at the bottom of the page to agree with the Fare Rules and Terms and Conditions and click «Purchase» button. You will need to enter your card details on the next page (mandatory fields are marked with «*»).

 American Express Mastercard Visa JCB

Confirmation of booking and purchase

If you are paying with a credit card, you will see a page with confirmation and your booking number. An e-ticket will be created as required. In this case you will receive an e-mail with a Virtual There confirmation (receipt) an a link to a page containing detailed information about your trip. You should show a printed receipt and your passport at check-in.

If you require a paper ticket, you will see confirmation of payment and an invitation to visit an Aeroflot ticket office to have the ticket issued. If you choose to pay at the Aeroflot office, you will see a booking number (PNR number), the total amount to be paid and the period within which payment must be made.

Premium tickets

If you wish to redeem award miles under the Aeroflot Bonus programme, please be aware that you must also pay the taxes by credit card.


Note: Bonus flights in exchange for Aeroflot miles are only awarded for direct round trip and one-way flights. Bonus flights are not granted for flights to several destinations when tickets are issued via the website.

To book a bonus flight on the Buy Ticket webpage one needs to choose the Pay by Miles option then select your destination, enter the departure and arrival dates, number of passengers, travel class and press the Find Flights button. Then enter the Aeroflot Bonus Programme participant information. The following steps taken do not differ from the typical booking procedure via the Internet and are given above.