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Special fares from/ to cities of the Russian Federation to/ from Minsk are effective in honor of opening a new route.

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Daily flights to Minsk are served by a fleet of SSJ or A320 aircraft. Please familiarize yourself with the seating plan.

Additional information:

Minsk is the capital of Republic of Belarus. The first historical mentions of the city date back to ХI century when Minsk belonged to well-known Vseslav the Enchanter, the prince of Polotsk Vseslav Brjachislavich. After Vseslav had raided Pskov and Novgorod, the Grand Prince of Kiev Izjaslav with his brothers, Svjatoslav of Chernigov and Vsevolod of Perejaslavl, moved on the land of Polotsk and attacked the city of Minsk in retribution. After Prince Vseslav returned, he was taken prisoner and sent to Kiev. This event is described in the poem "The Tale of Igor's Campaign". After the death of Prince Vseslav, the Polotsk princedom was inherited by his six sons. Prince Gleb Vseslavich became the ruler of Minsk. Since that time, Minsk became the capital of a special independent princedom, and Gleb Vseslavich became its first prince.

Throughout the next centuries Minsk was systematically attacked by the neighboring countries: in XII century – by Lithuania and the princedom of Kiev, in XIII century – by nomads under leadership of Kojdan, in XIV century Minsk was part of Grand Lithuanian duchy, in ХVI century – in possession of the Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth. In XVIII century Minsk was repeatedly besieged by Swedes. Minsk was annexed by the Russian Empire as a consequence of the Partition of Poland during the reign of Catherine II. In 1812 Minsk was occupied by French troops, in 1918 – by the troops of the Kaiser's Germany, in 1941 - by Nazi Germany. It was only in 1944 that Minsk freed from the invaders by the Soviet army started a peaceful creative life, growing at a rapid pace, which allowed it to become the capital of the sovereign state Belarus.

In the spring of 2011, Aeroflot will allow passengers to visit the hero city Minsk to meet relatives, friends and brother-soldiers. As a rule, acquaintance with the city starts from its historical part, the complex named “Troiskoye Predmestye” (literally:Troitsk outskirts”) being regarded as its center. It includes such outstanding examples of ancient architecture as the Catholic Church of the Holy Trinity, the Holy Ascension Monastery, and the “Kitaevsky” Synagogue. Cultural institutions, shops of national handicrafts and souvenir, cafes, and restaurants with national cuisine are working now within this territory.

The Cathedral of Minsk constructed in the middle of XVII century is worthy of attention. Originally it served as a convent for Bernadine nuns. When the building was given to the Russian Orthodox Church, it was sanctified in honor of the Holy Ghost. Now the Church of the Holy Ghost is the city Cathedral. The most precious icon in the cathedral is a wonder-working Icon of the Mother of God discovered in Minsk in 1500. The history of this marvelous image goes back to evangelic times. According to a legend, it was made by St. Luke the Evangelist.

Of modern buildings, the National library of Belarus deserves attention. The impressive shape of the building resembles a faceted sphere. The height of the twenty-story building exceeds 70 m, its weight of 135,000 tons, including 20,000 tons of books. Currently, the National Library of Belarus is believed to be one of the greatest in the world.

On the highest place of the city located in Gorky park, there is an educational Planetarium and an observatory. Here it is possible to plunge into the wonderful world of the Universe, to watch stars and constellations, comets and planets at an “arm's distance”. The picture of the starry sky, the position of stars at any time and at any season of year, meteor showers, the flight of a bolide, the aurora, the motion of planets, and the flight of artificial Earth satellites are shown by unique projective equipment. The planetarium has its own observatory with a high-quality telescope refractor established at a height of more than eight meters, through which tone can see the spots on the sun, moon craters and the flight of comets.

We invite you to fly to Minsk, the capital of Belarus!

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