Communication services on board

Thanks to in-flight Internet access, you can stay in touch with your family, friends and colleagues during your flight!

The In-flight Internet Service was launched on Aeroflot aircraft in 2012. It allows passengers to access Internet via Wi-Fi during the flight.

Now, you can use our Wi-Fi service on aircraft listed below: 


  • V. Vysotsky
  • E.Svetlanov
  • F. Tyutchev
  • А. Mozhaysky
  • L. Kantorovich
  • I. Brodsky
  • A. Griboyedov
  • N. Gogol
  • P. Kapitsa
  • А. Sakharov
  • I. Frank
  • A. Bakulev
  • L. Yashin
  • V. Brumel
  • I. Kulibin
  • O. Mandelstam
  • М. Sholokhov
  • N. Burdenko
  • V. Mayakovsky 


  • М. Kutuzov
  • P. Bagration
  • M. Barclay de Tolly
  • D. Davydov
  • А. Kuprin
  • I. Bunin
  • A. Chekhov
  • M. Lermontov
  • A. Blok
  • S. Esenin 
  • M. Bulgakov


The service is provided by "OnAir" company.

Please find the service rules below.

- The service can be paid only aboard an aircraft.
- The service cost is not included in a ticket price




The Internet Service may be used only after the aircraft has reached cruising altitude.

To activate the service, please switch on the Wi-Fi function on your personal device (smartphone, tablet or laptop), connect to the Aeroflot network, launch an Internet browser and select your preferred tariff plan.

We remind you that for safety reasons all electronic devices must be switched off during taxiing, take-off and landing.


The service shall be paid during the flight according to tariffs listed on the registration page and by non-cash payment only. VISA, MasterCard, American Express, JCB and Discover debit and credit cards are accepted. The amount will be debited from your bank card at the end of the flight. More detailed information about OnAir's tariff policy and cost of the service can be found onboard.

Account status check

Please use “status monitor” to check your account and view consumed traffic.

The “status monitor” page is available only after authentication and payment.

Additional information

Additional information is available in the FAQ section on the registration page and the Internet On board section (see payment).


Communication services on board medium-haul aircraft - Airbus A320 S. Rachmaninoff and Airbus А321 N. Vavilov

Your flight will be even more comfortable thanks to the Flying High Service, which helps you stay in touch with family, friends and colleagues!

Aeroflot is the first Russian airline providing you with the possibility to make and receive voice calls, send and receive SMS- or MMS-messages and use the Internet during your flight.

This service is available to MegaFon clients and subscribers of other Russian and foreign mobile operators that have roaming agreements with MegaFon OJSC.