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Inflight Magazine May 2012

Dear Passenger!

Let me welcome you aboard Aeroflot and congratulate on the 67th anniversary of the Great Victory in WWII marked all over the world these days.

For Russia, paying by far the highest price for this victory, those days are still more revered. We remember those whose courage and heroism saved the world from the threat of fascism, our grandfathers and fathers who stood up not just for their Motherland, but for the future of human civilisation.

Throughout that dreadful war Aeroflot staff contributed to the common course of victory over fascism. Our flight attendants, maintenance crews and engineers rose in arms, our pilots switched civil aircraft for bombers and ground attack aircraft.

As early as the 23rd of June, 1941 our pilots formed Moscow task air force and on the same day delivered munitions and medicines to our troops entrapped near Kishinev, Moldavia.

In August 1941, with the enemy approaching Moscow, Aeroflot pilots carried out the first air raids over Berlin with the help of the 81st Longrange Bomber Aviation Division, unveiling the myth of the unquestionable survivability of the Third Reich. Later they demystified the invincibility of Hitler’s Army which had conquered half of Europe.

Our pilots pounded enemy positions along the frontline, delivered food and weapons to the besieged city of Leningrad and guerilla forces on the occupied territory. Moscow Task Air Force utilizing the expertise of Aeroflot pilots played its part in dismantling Hitler’s regime. In late 1944 this task air force was relocated to an airfield next to the Italian town of Bari to assist guerilla forces and wounded soldiers in Albania, Greece, and Yugoslavia.

Six Aeroflot military units were turned into Guard divisions, 10 of them were awarded with military medals, 12 received honorary titles. Over 12,000 civil aviation workers got military medals, many of them posthumously.

In commemoration of their unprecedented feats accomplished and paying homage to the bravery of the Motherland’s defenders, Aeroflot was the first airline in Russia to offer WWII veterans complimentary transportation in May. We are pleased that other carriers have followed our example.

We do our utmost for our veterans to be able to meet their relatives and companions in arms, for dewy flowers to cover the collective graves of our soldiers, for Europe to welcome its liberators each May.

In 2012 we launch our ‘Visiting the glorious battlefields’ offer for the 12th time. It embraces veterans as well as those disabled in combat from Russia, the CIS and Baltic countries. We remember that the Victory was one for all of us.

The programme includes all Aeroflot flights to the CIS and Latvia, Poland, Bulgaria, Serbia, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania, Austria, and Germany.

On domestic flights that also fall under the ‘Visiting the glorious battlefields’ offer, comfortable business class seats are of course reserved for Heroes of the Soviet Union and full Cavaliers of the Order of Glory.

Have a great Victory Day!

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Vitaly Saveliev

Director General

Aeroflot – Russian Airlines


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