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Aeroflot Company
Moscow: +7 (495) 223-5555 / Russia: 8-800-444-5555 (free)

Additional charges

Service charges and fees



In the RF


Booking (for route leg)

3.70 EUR 1)

3.70 EUR 1)

Ticketing at the office


800 RUB

25 EUR

Reticketing at the office


800 RUB

25 EUR

Converting an electronic ticket to a paper ticket

10 EUR

10 EUR

Service fees charged at our sales offices are not refundable, except in cases of involuntary return of completely unused tickets.

1) Booking fees are cancelled as of October 01, 2015. 

Fuel surcharges


Amount of fuel surcharge for each Economy and Comfort Class flight segment

between Moscow and destinations in America/Asia

93 EUR

between Moscow/Saint-Petersburg/Rostov-on-Don and destinations in Europe/Middle East,

42 EUR

between destinations of the Far East and destinations abroad in Asia


between destinations within the Russian Federation

1,500 RUB



between Moscow and destinations of the Far East, Yakutsk

3,000 RUB



Within the Russian Federation, the above fuel surcharges indicated in foreign currency shall be paid in rubles at the exchange rate on the payment date.

The amount of fuel surcharge for each Business Class flight segment is 200% of the surcharge for the Economy/Comfort Class flight segment.

Fuel charges are refundable if the passenger cancels his/her flight and returns the ticket. In the event of termination of a contract of carriage of a passenger containing provisions for the non-refund of the fare upon the termination of such contract of carriage of a passenger due to the concerned passenger’s voluntary refusal from carriage on the entire route or on any of its segments, fuel surcharges shall not be subject to a refund.

Fuel surcharges on certain routes may differ from standard fuel surcharges.

Notification of government taxes, charges and duties

The price of the ticket may include taxes, charges or duties imposed by government agencies of certain countries in respect of the air carriage.

Such additional fees and charges shall not be refunded if the passenger misses the flight under certain fare types.

Taxation of passengers who purchase air tickets using a miscellaneous charge order (MCO) or pay for other services with an MCO

PJSC “Aeroflot” reminds the passengers that purchasing an air ticket using a miscellaneous charge order (MCO)* (or paying for other services with an MCO) creates tax obligations which involve submission of an income declaration to the tax authority at the place of residence and payment of the income tax in kind.