Booking and payment rules

Dear Customers,

JSC Aeroflot  Russian Airlines (hereinafter «Aeroflot») is glad to provide services for online booking and payment services for Aeroflot flights (hereinafter «Booking» and «Payment») under the terms and conditions stipulated by these Rules.

It is possible to book and purchase the e-ticket 6 hours prior to a flight departure.

Prior to using the services, please read the Rules carefully. Aeroflot reserves the right to change the Rules without prior notification of Users. The new Rules are effective immediately after they have been posted on Aeroflot’s website.

When booking an Award ticket

An Award ticket issued for Aeroflot Miles is applicable for Round Trip and One Way tickets only, option “Several destinations” is not permitted. When issuing an Award ticket taxes and fees are paid by a credit card online.

Attention! A number of additional restrictions can be applied for Award tickets issued under promotions. Before issuing an Award ticket, please, learn Terms and Conditions of current promotions.

The online Booking and Payment system operates on the basis of Sabre Sonic Web software developed by Sabre.

The agreement between the passenger and Aeroflot regarding transportation of the passenger may be confirmed by a paper ticket or the itinerary receipt issued when an electronic ticket is generated.

You can pay for a booked ticket on Aeroflot website (with a bank card or payment systems) or at Aeroflot’s own sales and ticket offices in Russia and abroad. You can pay for the booked ticket in offices with any form accepted by Aeroflot (bank card, cash, etc.).

Depending on zone, the ticket cost is set in rubles, US dollars, or euros. Online payment is made in the currency of the client’s bank account.

If the currencies of the ticket and the bank account are not the same, the calculated ticket price shall be converted into the currency of the client’s bank account according to the exchange rate set by the issuing bank.

Please contact your issuing bank for details of possible commission fees.

If, in the process of booking, the price is displayed in US dollars or EURs, and you need the price to be set in Russian rubles, please use the «Booking and payment in Russian rubles» hyperlink. If you have questions сonfirmation of payments for flights booked online, please contact us at

If you need to present the fiscal report documents on flight, please, keep your boarding pass, payment information and itinerary receipt. We pay your attention to the fact that control sale checks are not issued. According to the Russian Federation Ministry of Transportation Order № 03-03-06/1/649, 27.12.2007, and to the Russian Federation Federal tax agency's department in Moscow letter № 20-12/124839, 27.12.2007, itinerary receipt in addition with boarding pass are recognized as report documents on the fulfilled flight.

If you have paid for your ticket online, you can receive it:

  • at an Aeroflot’s office no later than 8 hours prior to the departure of your flight;
  • at the airline’s representative office at the airport no later than 2 hours prior to the departure of your flight;
  • at Sheremetyevo Airport no later than 3 hours prior to the departure of your flight.

For more information on the location and business hours of Aeroflot agencies, please contact us at our Moscow call centre +7 (495) 223-55-55 (round the clock) or visit our website (Representative and Ticket Offices page).

After you have booked your ticket, paid for it, and confirmed payment online, the booking system will inform you that an «e-ticket has been generated as per your booking». This means that a paper ticket is not required and you only need to provide your passenger name at check-in.

Any change of Last and First Passenger Name is prohibited.

In accordance with the regulatory standards of the Russian Federation, cash payment for an e-ticket purchased at an Aeroflot office in a foreign country may be confirmed by a printout of the e-ticket and the boarding pass containing the required details (the passenger’s name, itinerary, flight date, amount paid, and the e-ticket number). It is recommended that these details be included in full on the cash-payment receipt issued by the office to the passenger (a «cash receipt» in the form generally adopted in the passenger’s country of departure, etc.).

Hereby you confirm your agreement with the terms above. Following your confirmation the system will display your passenger name record and the period during which you have to purchase the booked ticked; otherwise your booking will be cancelled.

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

For JSC Aeroflot Russian Airlines information security and fraud prevention are of paramount importance. Our website complies with the most stringent requirements set for information security.

To ensure that online transactions are secure when purchasing tickets with bank cards and to prevent third-party fraud, please read carefully some useful pieces of advice that will help you to protect your money.

  1. Do not disclose to unknown persons details of your bank card (PIN code, bank card number, special card codes, code word or other passwords), personal information, and passport data. This information may be used for fraudulent operations with your bank card. Also do not disclose your personal information in phone conversations or e-mail messages regardless of whoever requests it from you. Only use the services of organizations that you trust and are reliable.
  2. Never store or leave your personal data unsecured.
    Do not leave documents containing your personal data unattended in public places including offices, hotels, and airports. Avoid storing your personal, data bank card numbers, PIN codes, and passwords on your computer or cell phone. Criminals may obtain access to this data via the Internet or by stealing your belongings. Do not ask anyone to make any payments on your behalf using your bank card. Remember that you are the ONLY person who can legally perform transactions with the bank card issued to you.
  3. Control your bank transactions on a regular basis
    Having received confirmation of your orders and bank statements, check them to make sure that you were charged only for transactions that you have made. In case of any discrepancies, immediately contact your bank.

When receiving your ticket at an Aeroflot office, submit your passenger name record (PNR) and the documents identifying the persons included in the PNR. If you are travelling with a child, submit a document identifying him/her. On requesting a paper ticket at the office, the passenger who is the holder of the bank card used to make the online payment for the ticket must submit the bank card that was used for thes transaction. If, when requesting a paper ticket at the office, the passenger is unable, for any reason, to submit his/her bank card, the airline may request him/her to sign a written acknowledgement of the ticket issuance. If the passenger is not the holder of the card with which the ticket was paid for, on issuing the paper ticket the airline may request the passenger to sign a written acknowledgement of the ticket issuance.

Aeroflot shall not be liable if the passenger does not have the documents required to enter the destination country or leave the departure area. Aeroflot reserves the right to deny transportation of any passenger not having the required documents.

Prior to booking a «one-way» flight, please contact the Aeroflot call centre (+7 (495) 223-5555) to get detailed information about the visa requirements and immigration rules of your destination country.

If you opted to pay online, the system will automatically cancel booking if:

  • you failed to pay the order within the set time limit,
  • you cancel the flight (or continuation of the flight) after your ticket was paid for/issued.
  • if you failed to use a booked seat on a flight segment and notify the carrier about changes in the terms of the agreement and your intention to continue the flight on subsequent segments, in order to make required changes to your personal booking.

    Source: Federal Aviation Rules, Section 2, item 27 and Section 5, item 75.

If your ticket has been partially used, the refusal procedure will be regulated by the tariff terms specified in the ticket.

Air tickets may be reissued/refunded only at Aeroflot sales offices in accordance with the established rules and restrictions.

The ticket may be issued only after its cost has been paid in full.

This website does not allow changes to be made to booking details. Booking can be changed at the passenger’s request at the nearest sales office of Aeroflot or by calling the Information and Booking Centre on (+7 (495) 223-5555 (in Moscow; round-the-clock service); 8-800-333-5555 (toll-free call in Russia). The air ticket may be reissued only at the office or agency that initially issued the ticket.

Please view the table of additional fees charged by our airline
Additional fee table