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Free baggage allowance


All the passenger baggage, including carry-on baggage must be presented at check-in, which is caused by the requirements of air traffic control.

Dear passengers, please note that the free baggage allowance depends on the direction of flight and class of service.

Passenger’s baggage received by airline for transportation under own responsibility for its safety, labeled by the luggage tag and transported in the aircraft’s luggage compartment is supposed to be called the checked in baggage

We recommend to attach a personalized tag, pointing your name in Latin letters, flight number, date and phone number to every piece of luggage. Personalized tags can be obtained when purchasing the ticket or at the front desk at the airport.

In April 2011 Aeroflot has introduced a new simplified definition of the free baggage allowance based on the pieces of the system on all its routes. Piece concept is graded according to class, and / or type of the applied tariff.

Weight system  


Checked Baggage


Class of Service/Reservation*

The free baggage allowance
Business class, all fare groups 2 pieces
Economy class, Economy Premium and Premium Comfort fare groups 2 pieces
Economy fares, other fare groups 1 piece

* The membership of the chosen tariff rates to a particular group can be found here.


These free baggage allowances apply for transportation throughout the route, if all the flights are made by Aeroflot. Except the codeshare flights with other airlines, which operate their own free baggage allowance. Please follow the link to find the code share flights list. If the transportation involves two or more carriers, including joint flights with other airlines, we have rules of the dominant carrier on the route (for more information, contact the sales office and Call center)
Exception: On "Vladivostok Avia" , "Donavia" and  "Orenburg Airlines"  flights R24700/SU5800 Moscow - Khabarovsk, R24701/SU5801 Khabarovsk - Moscow, R24702/SU5802 Moscow - Irkutsk, R24703/SU5803 Irkutsk - Moscow , R24704/SU5804 Moscow - Krasnodar, R24705/SU5805 Krasnodar - Moscow. Aeroflot's free baggage allowance is applicable to these flights.



Options one place checked baggage


When carried in business class    Should not exceed 32 kg in weight and the sum of the three dimensions of 158 cm
When carried in economy class  Should not exceed 23 kg in weight and the sum of the three dimensions of 158 cm


Exceptions / special free baggage baggage

Category transportation

The direction of transport

The free baggage allowance

Economy class 

Traffic between U.S. points (except to / from New York/Washington) and BSV / Asia (except for items in the Russian Federation and Tashkent, Bishkek, Ashkhabad and Samarkand) / Africa

2 pieces

Transportation to/from points in India

Transportation to/from Beijing/Shanghai3/

Transportation to Hanoi4/

Transportation between Khabarovsk/Vladivostok/Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk and Seoul5/

Transportation to/from New York/Washington/Yerevan

Transportation ships' crews

Business and economy class

Transportation to Cancun (Mexico)

    1 piece1/

Platinum, Gold and Silver members of "Aeroflot bonus" programme

All destinations, except to Cancun (Mexico)

In addition, given a place in the free baggage allowance

If the total weight of passenger baggage, including carry-on baggage does not exceed 10 kg.2/

All Destinations

Number of seats is not limited.


1/1 piece of baggage is the one place checked baggage weighing up to 15 kg, the sum of three dimensions not exceeding 158 cm.

2/ Please see the Carry-on baggage rules.

3/Valid for tickets purchased between  February 27, 2014 till  October 25, 2014 for the transportation from February 27, 2014 till October 25, 2014.

4/Valid for tickets purchased between December 26, 2013 and June 19, 2014 for the transportation from January 03, 2014 till June 19, 2014 except the period from April 26, 2014 to May 23, 2014.

5/Valid for tickets purchased between April 05, 2014 and October 25, 2014 for the transportation from April 05, 2014 till October 25, 2014.

For children from 2 to 12 years - the same free checked baggage as for an adult passenger.

For babies up to 2 years (no seat) free checked baggage weight is 1 place not exceeding 10 kg and 115cm by the sum of three dimensions, regardless of service class.

The free baggage allowance is valid for the entire route in each direction from the point of registration until the first stopping point for more than 24 hours (stopover) or to the final destination. When carried to / from any point of the U.S. free baggage allowance effects for the entire route in each direction from the point of registration to the final destination, regardless of stopover.