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Aeroflot Company
Moscow: +7 (495) 223-5555 / Russia: 8-800-444-5555 (free)


Young passengers

Fly with us at a reduced rate and receive special service 

Babies under 2 years


One adult may take one child under 2 years without a separate seat.

For a second and third child under 2, reduction on the adult rate, depending on the destination and seating arrangement.

On domestic flights in Russia, one adult may take one child under 2 years without a separate seat for free.

For babies up to 12 months and weighing 11 kg, the support may be provided on board the aircraft.

Please let us know if you want to get a cradle during a flight at the time of booking, but not later than 24 hours before departure.

Availability and amount of places for baby cribs depends on aircraft’s type.    

Meet the new children menu from Aeroflot - now it's more colorful and interesting.

Our smaller passengers can find their favorite meals, healthy and tasty at the same time, in a new lunchbox.


Children from 2 to 12 years


They will be seated next to their parents and/or next to the window

Retain adjacent seats for the whole family - as far as this is allowed by your ticket rate - at the time of booking. Otherwise check-in as early as possible to allow us to arrange adjacent seats for you.

Receive toys and games

Оn Aeroflot’s own flights сhildren from 3 to 11 years old inclusive are provided with special travel kits containing board games, activity books, drawing set and branded accessories. There is а range of travel kits depending on kid’s age and flight direction.    

The ticket provides a separate seat and free luggage allowance in relation to the class of service chosen.


Children from 5 to 16 years travelling alone


Is your child travelling alone and aged between 5 and 16 years? No problem!

Lease book the ticket, prepare any necessary travel documents and inform us about it.

We will take full care and provide an escorting person for the whole journey. You can be sure that your child will have an enjoyable travel experience with us!

Please note that the price of the service for unaccompanied children aged from 5 to 16 years on one route segment is 40 euros.

If your child is aged from 5 to 12 years, the accompaniment service is paid at the full tariff without children’s discounts, and the service is obligatory.

If your child is aged from 12 to 16 years, the price of the service is100% of the normal adult rate and the service is provided at the request of the parents/trustees.

Transfer to another airline of SkyTeam alliance is not stipulated.

We can offer your child additional services in case of a long connection:

  • soft drinks, tea, or coffee (5 euros) if the connection time is up to 3 hours;
  • hot meals (20 euros) if the connection time is up to 6 hours.

You can pay for the care and additional services provided to your child at any ticket office or at Aeroflot's ticket office at the airport before the flight. 

  Your child may fly unaccompanied if:

  • attendants stay with the child at the airport until departure
  • the child will definitely be picked up at the airport of the arrival destination
  • such service is mandatory under local legislation

 When all these requirements are met, the airline shall bear all responsibility for your child till the moment he or she is met at the destination airport.

Travelling with a group of children

When registering a group of children from other Russian cities and when it is impossible to provide letters of attorney, and details about organization purchase and registration of tickets, you must provide a guarantee of the availability of letters of attorney from parents, adoptive parents and guardians for each child in the group (this requirement is necessary only for children who are Russian citizens), which fact is also noted by the head of the group.

Pregnant women / or women with newborn babies

Aeroflot transports pregnant women up to 4 weeks before their due date. Please contact your doctor to sign an affirmation, which must not be older than 7 days on the day of the flight.

Please consider that flight travel is not recommended for babies younger than 7 days. On board we provide a basket/cradle for your baby free of charge.