Excess baggage

When your baggage exceeds in number, dimension and/or weight the free baggage allowance required, an excess baggage charge has to be paid to Aeroflot at the ticket desks at airport, according to the rates listed below.

The charges specified above apply to own JSC Aeroflot's flights and SU2051-2100 flights only. For flights operated jointly with other airlines, the charges of the corresponding carrier apply (see the "Code sharing flights" section). If the transportation involves two or more carriers, including joint flights with other airlines, we have fares of the dominant carrier on the route (for more information, contact the sales office and call center).

Excess Baggage Charges

Category Domestic International*
Overweight 23 kg - 32 kg 50 EUR 100 EUR/USD
32 kg - 45 kg 100 EUR 150 EUR/USD
Oversize 158 cm - 203 cm 100 EUR 100 EUR/USD
more than 203 cm 150 EUR 150 EUR/USD
Extra Piece Second piece 50 EUR  50 EUR/USD
Third and any additional piece 150 EUR 150 EUR/USD

*$ - travels from points in US, Canada, Asia (except Russian points in Asia, TAS/FRU), ME, Africa, Ukraine.

€ - travels from other points