e-ticket is an electronic form of air ticket.

The complete booking and travel information is stored in electronic form in our booking and reservation database, and will not be printed out like a paper ticket as usual. You will receive your travel information only.

The new paperless ticket features a lot of benefits.

You can’t forget whether lose your ticket. Your ticket can’t be stolen. You save plenty of time, as you don’t have to pick up your air ticket at the ticket office.

See for yourself and book your next flight via Internet with an e-ticket.

  • comfortably booking in your favorite chair at home or at your office
  • to our best price
  • no need to go to the office to pick up your ticket
  • no waiting time any more

Online booking — 24 hours a day and 7 days a week you can book your ticket online

If you need to present the fiscal report documents on flight, please, keep your boarding pass and itinerary receipt. We pay your attention to the fact that control sale checks are not issued. According to the Russian Federation Ministry of Transportation Order № 03-03-06/1/649, 27.12.2007, and to the Russian Federation Federal tax agency's department in Moscow letter № 20-12/124839, 27.12.2007, itinerary receipt in addition with boarding pass are recognized as report documents on the fulfilled flight.

Passenger’s electronic ticket itinerary receipt and baggage receipt (a record from the automated ticketing system) are strictly accountable documents and are used by organizations and individual entrepreneurs for cash payments and/or payments via payment cards without using cash register equipment.



Plan your flight — choose your departing and retourning destinations and times


You can make your reservation booking


If you like you can choose your prefered seat and meal


You can make the payment online with credit card or in our sales offices


You will receive the booking confirmation per e-mail


Your booking will be stored in electronic form in our booking and reservation system

To following destinations you can travel paperless:


Middle East & Africa


Russia & CIS