Disabled people

Barrier-free worldwide


Aeroflot personnel help physically challenged passengers in airports, during boarding and upon arrival 


Please consult a doctor before purchasing an air ticket:

  • Whether or not you are physically fit to fly;
  • What safety precautions should be taken;
  • Whether or not you need an accompanying person.

When booking or purchasing an air ticket, please inform us of any special services or assistance that you need during the flight . We do not require information about your possible limited abilities; however, the more information you provide our personnel with during you flight, the better we will be able to help you. Our company’s staff will answer your questions and advise you of important details and procedures.

Please inform us if you are going to take on board a wheel chair (its size, foldability, battery-powered (if yes, the battery type)), crutches or a guide dog.

On request by passengers with motor-neuron illnesses, the company will provide a wheel chair and lift (free of charge). Please inform us if you require these services when booking or buying a ticket, but not later than 36 hours before departure (72 hours before departure if a stretcher is required). 

Transportation of passengers, who need to use oxygen gas containers due to medical reasons during all the flight, is performed only with a prior arrangement with the airline. This type of transportation can be ordered 72 hours prior to a flight scheduled departure time. The transportation is performed with medical personnel. 

Assistance for mentally challenged passengers is provided only upon presentation of a medical certificate specifying the person’s needs. Carriage shall be agreed upon with the carrier beforehand, and confirmed immediately before departure.

At the airport, passengers of this category shall check in via the airport medical unit, accompanied by the airport/air carrier medical officer/ representative at the departure airport, from check-in to boarding, and at the arrival airport from the aircraft to the marshaller at the airport.

We are happy to help you:

  • Go through the check-in procedure
  • Board the aircraft (priority boarding)
  • Accommodate you on board
  • During the flight
  • At the destination airport
  • With transfer
  • Obtain a wheel chair at the airport

Please note that disabled people of categories I and II have priority queuing at the Company’s own agent and ticket offices, and during airport check-in.

Sick passengers must have a medical certificate from a doctor. The carrier may refuse to provide air transport services to this category of passenger, if the passenger’s physical condition poses a threat to flight safety or causes discomfort to other passengers.