Disabled people

Barrier-free worldwide


Aeroflot personnel help physically challenged passengers in airports, during boarding and upon arrival 


Please consult a doctor before purchasing an air ticket:

  • Whether or not you are physically fit to fly;
  • What safety precautions should be taken;
  • Whether or not you need an accompanying person.

When booking and purchasing your ticket, please let us know what special services and assistance you need during the flight. We do not require specific information on your disabilities, but the more information you provide to our employees in planning your trip, the better we can help you. Our employees will answer all your questions and will give advice to help with special needs and procedures. 

Please let us know if you are travelling with your wheelchair (size, folding or non-folding, and type of battery if it is battery-powered), crutches or a guide dog.  

Please note that prior arrangement at least 36 hours in advance is required if you are travelling with a wheelchair equipped with rechargeable batteries or if the wheelchair weighs more than 32 kg.

For passengers who need a stretcher or need to use a cylinder with gaseous oxygen (air) during the flight for medical reasons, prior arrangement should be made 72 hours in advance. Such passengers will have to be accompanied by medical staff.  

ASpecial services for mentally impaired passengers will be provided only upon presentation of a medical certificate, which indicates that the passenger needs to be accompanied. The carriage of such passengers must be arranged with the carrier in advance, and confirmed immediately prior to departure. At the departure airport these passengers are checked in at the airport medical center and must be accompanied by a healthcare worker/airport/airline employee from check-in to boarding at the departure airport and from the aircraft to the person meeting the passenger at the destination airport.  

Passengers with disabilities are entitled to the carriage of stretchers, their own wheelchairs,* and one more mobility device, such as a special-purpose wheelchair, if it is used by the disabled person, free of charge in addition to the free checked baggage allowance.  

Passengers with disabilities may carry crutches, canes, walkers, and a personal oxygen cylinder, if needed, in addition to the free cabin baggage allowance.    


Stretchers and wheelchairs will be carried in the baggage compartment


We will be happy to assist you:

  • with check-in formalities;
  • at boarding (priority boarding);
  • with seating in the aircraft cabin;
  • during the entire flight;
  • at the destination airport;
  • with your transfer;
  • in obtaining a wheelchair at the airport.

Please note that disabled persons of group I and II are served out of turn at airline and agent offices and sales points, as well as at check-in desks at the airport.    

Ill passengers must have a certificate confirming that they have passed a medical examination. The carrier has the right to refuse carriage of a passenger of this category, if the passenger’s physical condition threatens flight safety or can cause discomfort to other passengers.