Travelling with children

Good preparation helps to create the flight for you and your kids as enjoyable as possible.

Therefore we collected some points to consider:

  • Book in time to take all advantages for children
  • Check in advance, if you have all necessary documents (to travel to particular countries your children will need their own passports, for example)
  • Catch up on our additional offers for our youngest passengers by the time of booking
  • Be at the airport early enough. We always aim to give families preferential treatment.
  • Make sure you and your children are wearing casual clothing to be able to sufficiently move during the flight

Hints for your carry-on baggage

Everything you need for your child for the duration of the flight should be inside your carry-on baggage. Find some suggestions below:

  • Clothing and diapers for change
  • Things yours child needs to sleep
  • Baby-soother and flask
  • A blanket or warm clothing — it can get pretty cool due to air-conditioning
  • Little toys to while away time
  • Pharmaceuticals (if necessary)
  • Candies or a flask, for it is essential your baby is swallowing quite often during take-off and landing to attain pressure equalization

Note on the fear of flying

Children are learning a lot through imitation of adults and other children. Thus anxieties of adults will be passed on to children unintentionally.

Therefore: the more relaxed you are during flight the more relaxed will your child be and it will learn that flying can be an enjoyable and nice experience.