Carry-on baggage

The passenger is responsible for his/her hand luggage.

Passengers are allowed to take into cabin:

  • Business, Premiere and President — 1 piece of luggage weighing up to 15 kg (115 cm for sum of height, length and width)
  • Economy Class — 1 piece of luggage weighing up to 10 kg (115 cm for sum of height, length and width)

The overall dimensions of carry-on luggage for all classes of service must not exceed 115 cm (55×40×20).


Additionally, you can bring on board:

  • a women’s or men’s handbag,
  • a paper-folder,
  • a bunch of flowers,
  • outerwear,
  • a laptop, a photo camera, a video camera,
  • reading material,
  • infant food (for feeding a child during the flight),
  • a baby seat,
  • a suit in a holdall,
  • an umbrella, a cane,
  • a cell phone,
  • crutches,
  • Duty Free purchases (1 shopping bag).

These items don’t need to be weighted, checked-in or marked by tags.


At 03.01.2009  in the European Union (EU) is entered regulations № 206/2009, forbidding import on territory of the EU countries of dairy and meat products in luggage and hand luggage in aircraft salon. New rules for cabin luggage have been introduced! Please acquaint yourself with the carry-on luggage regulations before your flight.


New carry-on baggage regulation:

You may continue to carry liquids, gels and sprays in your hand-baggage in packages of up to 100ml in volume. These must be packed in a transparent and resealable plastic-bag with zip, up to one litre in volume. One such bag is permitted per passenger. These rules are valid for water and other drinks, creams, tonic and lotions, oils, perfumes, sprays and gels (including hair gels and shower gels), shaving foam, deodorants, pastes and make-up.

The following exceptions are granted and may be transported in addition to the 1-liter plastic-bag:

  • baby food (if travelling together with a baby or a small child)
  • medication (for your entire journey, including stay at destination. Please note that at the screening point you may have to prove your medical need)
  • containers not meeting these requirements have to be disposed of at the screening-checkpoints.

Items bought in duty free shops

Liquids, gels and sprays bought at airport shops must be in a sealed plastic-bag and marked with the place and date of purchase. These bags must not be opened until you have reached your final destination.


Questions? Please contact our Call Centre:

in Moscow — (495) 223-55-55 (24hrs service)

in Russia — 8-800-444-55-55 free

Exception: the children's and special dietary food ordered under medical indications.