Spend miles

Members of Aeroflot Bonus and Aeroflot Bonus Junior can choose an award at their discretion: upgrade service class, receive an award ticket, or use a Partner service.

Award Conditions:

  • You need enough miles in your personal account
  • You need to make at least one paid regular flight with Aeroflot or Nordavia the last 24 months on an Aeroflot Bonus participating fares.


Miles needed for Awards

1. Award Ticket

1.1 Award Ticket Issuing Procedure:

  • Now you can quickly and easily book an award flight online on Aeroflot’s website. To do so, select the ‘redeem miles’ option when searching for your flight. You can book an award ticket online not only for yourself, but also for your family and friends. Please note that you will have to pay all fees and surcharges by  card when booking an award flight on the website. No restrictions are placed on the date of booking.
  • You can also obtain an award ticket at one of Aeroflot’s own ticketing offices or representative offices. To do so, you need to book your award flight by phone or come to one of Aeroflot’s ticketing offices with your membership card and one form of ID, not later than 48 hours before the planned departure date. You can receive your award ticket and pay all the fees and surcharges at any of Aeroflot’s offices or representative offices after your miles are redeemed from your personal account.

To book an award flight in advance, you need to contact the Information & Booking Service on: +7(495) 223-55-55 and 8-(800)-444-55-55.

1.2 When making an award ticket in the Aeroflot Information & Booking Service/sales offices/representative offices the following time limits (TL) for having the tickets issued apply:

1.3 Aeroflot Bonus members over 12 can transfer their right to use their award ticket to any person for regular flights by Aeroflot and its SkyTeam partners is subject to the following restrictions:

  • when making a booking up to 7 days prior to the departure date the time limit for having the tickets issued is 24 hours
  • when making a booking 7 or more days in advance of the departure date the time limit for having the tickets issued is 48 hours
  1. Only the account owner under the Aeroflot Bonus programme who is transferring his/her miles can book award tickets for third parties at Aeroflot’s ticketing offices, representative offices or by phone at the the Information & Booking Service,
  2. When you book or obtain award tickets for third parties at Aeroflot’s own ticketing offices or representative offices, you need to produce a copy of the passport of the owner of the personal account under the programme whose account the miles are being written off, as well as a copy of the passport of the person for whom the award ticket is to be issued.
  3. Award tickets may not be sold, exchanged or auctioned; such action is deemed inappropriate use of award tickets / collected miles (Commercial Use). JSC Aeroflot can at its discretion make a judgement as regards inappropriate use of award tickets based on any information at its disposal, including that taken from publications in printed and electronic media, or from reports and complaints from passengers, or based on the results of internal investigations;
  4. Award tickets for Aeroflot Bonus Junior members can only be issued to the member’s parent/guardian.

1.4 Award ticket transfer restrictions:

  1. No transfer of awards by Aeroflot Bonus Junior members is allowed;
  2. No more than 10 (ten) transfers of award tickets are allowed within one year;

No restrictions are placed on the number of award tickets issued to a personal account holder under the programme for his/her own collected bonus miles.

1.5 Award Transfer Application Rules.

Award Transfer Request

An Award Transfer Request must contain the full names and passport data of the programme member and the passenger to whom a ticket is to be issued, the programme membership number and the booking code.

Please note that you need to pay all applicable fees and surcharges to be issued an award ticket.

2. Award Upgrade

Award Upgrade is for Aeroflot Bonus and Aeroflot Bonus Junior Members only. To qualify for an Award Upgrade, members must have a confirmed round-trip reservation on a published Aeroflot fare. Award Upgrade enables the member to travel in Business Class on Economy fares Y, B, M, U, K, H, L*.

*Valid from 01 February, 2013. Before 01 February, 2013: Y, S, B, M, H, K, V, T.