Company Policy

Ecological Policy

JSC Aeroflot ecological policy is aimed at development of energetic and ecological efficiency of the passengers, baggage, post and cargo transportation. Main trend of the policy is to improve aircrafts’ fuel efficiency, which allows to decrease environmental stress along with operational expenses reduction.

 Aeroflot, as the leader of Russia’s civil aviation, realizes its great social responsibility, and strives to secure a stable ecological balance in all activity areas. This forms an integral part of large-scale civil responsibility program, being a basic element of the company’s operations.

To achieve its environmental objectives Aeroflot is committed to completion of the following tasks:

Implementation of ecological management system, which leads the operation facilities to the usage of highest international standards in environmental protection.

  • Air fleet modernization – replacement of old power-consuming aircraft types with more energy-efficient ones.
  • Reduction of energy consumption by introducing resource saving methods and technologies.
  • Airline network optimization and introduction of new piloting techniques enabling lower emissions of noise and other pollutants from aircraft engines.
  • Waste management in order to minimize the environmental impact of waste, with the emphasis on recycling as the most efficient way of waste utilization.
  • Monitoring and analysis of the company’s operations and technologies to elicit new ways of environmental performance improvement.
  • Usage of environmental efficiency indices as one of the key criteria for selection of suppliers and contractors.
  • Improvement of the staff’s awareness of the responsibilities in the environment protection sphere, provision of incentives for a more responsible consumption of all resources, developing a culture of recycling.

The developed and introduced energy efficiency action plan allows JSC Aeroflot to save 1,5 tons of jet fuel and to reduce its specific consumption by 43,6 % before 2020.

JSC Aeroflot management commits to follow statutory and other requirements and provide resources for ecological policy realization and ecological management system enhancement.

Sky Team corporate social responsibility statement

Aeroflot is a winner of the «Mark of Trust.The Green Planet» esearch.


Social Initiatives


Aeroflot plays an active role in its community through on-going support of charitable organisations and community events. Russia's Corporate Social Responsibility Index taking the 4th position on the list.

Aeroflot is actively involved with a variety of social initiatives, including:

  • A Heart With Two Wings Programme providing free flights for the children with rare or life-threatening diseases who live in remote areas of Russia and need advanced medical treatment in Moscow. 
  • Revisiting Battlefields Programme which facilitates air travel for war veterans during the annual Victory Day celebrations in May.
  • Miles of Charity Programme, a joint project of Aeroflot and Podari Zhizn (Grant a Life) Foundation, which allows frequent flyers to donate their bonus miles to seriously ill children. 
  • Regular assistance in transportation of gravely ill children to overseas medical institutions for treatment unavailable in their home communities.
  • Aeroflot supports the Train of Hope, a national charity action for orphans, by providing free air transportation for prospective adoptive parents.
  • Throughout its history, Aeroflot has traditionally supported sports and the Olympic Movement. Most recently, in 2009, it became General Partner for the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympic Games. As part of the partnership programme, Aeroflot will increase the number of flights bound for Sochi and launch new flights from Sochi to a number of destinations in Europe.
  • Aerorlot has been a long-time main sponsor of CSKA Moscow Football Club.
  • In 2013 it has become an Official  Carrier of Manchester United Football Club.
  • Aeroflot has become a sponsor of the Brooklyn Nets Basketball team.
  • Russia’s Ministry for Extraordinary Situations (EMERCOM). Aeroflot works closely with the Russian government to provide aid and evacuation services to people affected by conflict or natural disasters     
  • As a major international airline, Aeroflot is a leading employer providing over 16,000 jobs in Russia and at its operations abroad.
  • Like other airlines around the world, Aeroflot has to resort to redundancies at a time of the crisis. Nevertheless, it remains committed to investing in its staff and supports a progressive work environment with competitive salaries and benefit packages.